Warranry Policy

Warranty Policy
A. Warranty Period:
a   Effective Period for the parts covered by Warranty
(1) Frame and engine: 12 months(365 days)
(2) Suspension system and shock absorbers: 6 months(180days)
(3) Other parts: 90days
Within hereinbefore warranty period, spare parts covered by warranty should be within 6000KM of accumulated mileage.
b   Warranty period begins from 50 days after B/L date and ends on the date mentioned in above clause A, or within 6000km, whichever comes first.
If the figure of odometer has been adjusted by somebody, the accumulated mileage should be regarded as 6000km.
c   Within 50 days after B/L date, the buyer should release the goods from Customs at destination, check the goods and forward report to the Seller about quality problem or missing parts. Out of this period, all the claims should be solved according to clause a. or b. under course A as above-mentioned.
B   The warranty Exclusions
a  Easily damaged parts include but are not limited to the following parts: plastic cover, tyre and tube, clutch plate, friction plate, throttle cable, seat, battery and bulb etc.
b   This warranty excludes any failures that are not caused by a defect in material or workmanship. This warranty does not cover accidental damage, normal wear and tear, abuse or improper handling. This warranty also does not cover any vehicle that has been altered structurally, modified, neglected, improperly maintained, used for racing, or used for purposes other than for which it was manufactured, or for any damages which occur during trailer transit or as a result of unauthorized service or the use of unauthorized parts.
In addition, this warranty does not cover physical damage to paint or finish, stress cracks, tearing or corrosion, or defects in parts, components or the vehicle due to fire, explosions or any other cause beyond seller’s’ control.
This warranty does not cover the use of unauthorized lubricants, chemicals, or fuels that are not compatible with the vehicle.
c   As a compensation for easily damaged part not covered by this warranty, 2% free spare parts is provided for each order by seller, or deduct value of 2% free parts from total value of order by seller.
d   Claims without effective evidence provided by the buyer are excluded by this warranty.
e   Warranty excludes the vehicle which has surpassed warranty period or 6000KM of accumulated mileage.
C   How to get the Warranty:
a    The buyer should be responsible to supply the Seller with enough evidence, photos and other related information for scarcity, failures and damage as the Seller’s requirement.
b   The buyer should send back or let the visiting person of the Seller to take back some defect parts as samples. The cost of sending back the defective parts should be undertaken by the Seller, if it caused by the quality of the Seller and should be undertaken by the Buyer, if it’s the Buyer’s responsibility.
c   The seller will give the buyer an answer authorizing or not with respective reason the warranty claim by the buyer, after sending the photos and explanation about the motorcycle parts problems. After authorized the warranty claim from the seller to the buyer, the seller should sent in the next order freight the spare parts claimed from warranty to the buyer.

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